Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Open Up - Shut It Down (to the tune of "You'll Be Back" from Hamilton

("As States Make Plans, Trump Says His 'Authority' Is Total")

You say, the cost of my grace's not a cost you can ever afford
You state, the state is the only one who can be overlord
Don't you try
Remember that I'm the ruler with ultimate say
That's no lie
Remember it's my game and I will decide who can play

Open up
Shut it down
Just acknowledge that its up to me
Open up
Maybe now
Just remember only I know how

Death tolls rise, death tolls fall
But I'm the only one to make the call
And when I say it's right
I will hold a full press conference to remind you of my might

Da dada da da
Da dadada dayada
Dada da da dayada

You think that I am just riffing without underlying power
You say I reign like a king, but the White House is no ivory tower

Open up
If I choose
I don't care how many more we lose
Open up
When it's right
Or it's wrong, for I've got the might

A few more gone, why so sad
Don't huff and puff, don't be mad
And when I make the call
I may kill your friends and family but I won't take the fall


Anonymous said...


This morning, my wife and I were still ranting about yesterday’s crap show. (I cannot even call it a press conference).


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Anonymous said...

If anyone had the patience and the stomach to watch Monday’s Coronavirus task force briefing, and your blood didn’t freeze in your veins, you’re not human. This mindless, totally unfit human being said, “the president of the United States calls the shots, and they (the governors) can’t do anything without the approval of the president.” One only had to revisit their High School civics class to know that we do not have kings or queens in America, and that a U.S. president is elected to defend and protect the Constitution, not to trample it. Trump is so idiotic that he doesn’t grasp that it is we the people, not the president or even the governors, who will decide when to re-open the economy. Unless and until we have tested every American, and done extensive contact tracing and isolation of those infected, no sane person will go back to work, attend a sporting event, go to a movie or a Broadway show or a concert. This pandemic will keep people away from family and friends, jobs and travel, and any other area where social contact is involved until there is a proven vaccine. The president says that re-opening the economy is, “the most important decision he will ever have to make.” Well, Mr. Trump, the nation will be making the most important decision we will ever have to make as well, and for this American that decision is a no brainer.

Henry A. Lowenstein

Anonymous said...

Bravo Henry Lowenstein!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the lyrics

Anonymous said...

How about the title of “the great and powerful Oz”?

I’m really surprised that he actually wants to take responsibility for making the decision, because he won’t have anyone to blame if the number of cases starts spiking up again. Why not just say that he’s responsible for deciding to either extend his 15 point guidelines for another x days, or give governors the OK to proceed based on what they determine to be in the best interest of their state