Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Radiohead To Head - Trump v Limbaugh - The Battle That Never Was

("Trump Wanted A Radio Show, But He Didn't Want to Compete With Limbaugh")

Rush Limbaugh was recently awarded the Medal of Freedom. From competition by the President for radio listeners.

It would seem bad fiction, but Mr. Trump turns fiction into reality every day. As a pandemic was closing in and Mr. Trump, attempting to both assuage a fearful nation and feed his massive ego, contemplated a daily FDR fireside chat, he retreated because, what, he didn't want to go head to conservative head with his comrade in lies? And run the risk of losing a ratings battle?

We are now daily assaulted with the image of a trumpeting President. Could it have been any worse if he had instead done two hours "off the cuff" and out of sight?  At least he would not have subjected us to strutting his hour upon the stage in full view, his postulations, pronouncements and prevarications  broadcast directly in our collective, distressed faces.

There are no good tales involving Donald Trump but some, like this one, seem particularly, obscenely, headshaking. It feels like there is a punch line waiting to happen here. But really, this presidency is but one continuing punch line to a very, very long and disturbing joke.

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