Monday, April 6, 2020

Soul Searching

("Has Anyone Found Trump's Soul? Anyone?")

Searching for Mr. Trump's soul? Did we find it in the cages that housed the frightened young children separated from their parents? For those seeking shelter from a different storm, crossing the border brought only misery, terror and heartache. And a President who demonstrated not an ounce of compassion for their plight, not even a manufactured hint of discomfort for their suffering.

As he watched a "caravan" of desperate people try to escape from poverty, from pain, from the possibility of death, he treated them as terrorists and warned them not to enter his domain. Let them be damned, his unmistakable response to their entreaties.

And what about all those from Muslim nations, trying to leave behind the horrors of war, the devastation of living every day on the edge of the abyss? In the first week of this President's reign, he issued his executive order shutting his eyes and ears to their cries for help. The tragedies they endured less than meaningless.

So why would one think he located a heart now? Empathy is not a word in Donald Trump's vocabulary. And if he punishes those governors who cross him, even if the collateral damage to thousands of their constituents is staggering, so what? 

Mr. Bruni should not be disappointed in Mr. Trump's "performance". For that would suggest the belief that there was a possibility of something better. And Donald J. Trump is incapable of rising to the occasion. For he exists without a soul, without a heart, without a care for the welfare of anyone else.

His true motto not "America first" but Donald J. Trump, first, last and only.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to find. Don’t even try.

Anonymous said...

Empathy is not in his vocabulary because he doesn’t know the meaning of the word to begin with.


Anonymous said...

No soul, no brain!! And a no good son-in-law.