Friday, April 17, 2020

Neither rain, sleet, nor snow. But they forgot to mention Covid 19

Is it just me or is it time to bring back the carrier pigeon?

Approximately one month ago I put in my request to the post office to forward both my business and personal mail to the location where I would be housed until the all clear siren sounded. I was certain that within but a few days my mail would catch up to me. In the interim, I would just be patient.

Now, I sit daily at the window waiting silently for that little truck to appear. And when it does, my tail wags wildly in anticipation. I rush outside and open up another dose of disappointment.  I can count on my hands, with a few digits unused, the accumulated number of items that have taken the journey to their ultimate destination. And who was really longing to read the Jewish Standard anyway? Or get another notice from the Census bureau?

Almost two weeks ago I began advising those with whom I do business to send mailings directly to where I now sit writing this piece. If you have received anything from any of them please let me know, because the next item I receive will be the first.

In this the moment of our greatest crisis, this issue ranks somewhere just below lint in one's navel. I dare not hint of complaining, for inconvenience is a word that should not even be permitted in one's lexicon now. 

And I well understand that the post office is near bankrupt, having been starved by a Federal government more than eager to cast it asunder so that private enterprise can pillage and plunder the public. The volume of its workload ever dissipating in the face of megacorporations.

But it surely would be nice to have something I have taken for granted the entire time I have resided on this planet be something I could take for granted now. 

Neither rain, sleet nor snow. But they forgot to mention Covid 19.

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Anonymous said...

Trust me when I say that we have been living the Post Office forwarding nightmare for almost four years now, well before what could have been explained or excused by the current COVID-19 crisis!