Saturday, May 9, 2020

Achoo the Flu

There once was a flu named Achoo
Who never really knew what to do
He ran when he should walk
Stayed quiet when asked to talk
Achoo was up to no good
Bad all he understood

Achoo had a friend called Sneeze
And Sneeze had a friend named Wheeze
One day they hatched a plan 
In secret they took it and ran
Their minds in flight where they stood
Thinking what they could and would

They gathered some more for their group
Fever and Cough joined the troop
Then Mayhem was added
Their roster now padded
They were loaded and ready to pounce
Their presence they'd surely announce

Achoo went from door to door
Bringing himself and much more
He was sneaky and real underhanded
Many never even knew he had landed
With Fever and Cough he attacked
On a path almost no one had tracked

Around the globe Achoo went
At first no one knew what that meant
But Fever and Cough made it clear
That Mayhem was so very near
And thus many headed inside 
And looked for their leader to guide

Achoo and his crew did much harm
Before any did sound the alarms
But those that looked for Achoo
And knew best what they must do
All flattened Achoo and his friends
Made pancakes of them in the end

But here in the place I reside
Achoo and his friends still can hide
And Mayhem still reigns
Fever and Cough yet remain
For our trump(et) was slow and unseeing
And too many of us now just unbeings

Achoo, Sneeze, Wheeze and the rest
Are all powerful 'til we pass the test
And stay in our homes
For there's no place to roam
Where Achoo the flu can't find us
When we only have Trump behind us

So I hope Trump comes to his senses
And leaves it not all to Mike Pence(s)
Soon I pray Achoo's gone
And we can then carry on
Without Achoo or his friends
Where a cough does not signal our end


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nice poetry!


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Well done


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