Sunday, May 10, 2020

Donald Trump Is A Very Lucky Man

Donald Trump is a very lucky man.

He has not studied the history of this country, has not analyzed the Constitution, has not considered the actions of the Presidents who came before him in moments that tested their capacity.

He is not weighed down by rules of law, by standards of decency and morality, by cumbersome thoughts of separation of powers, by precedent, by troubling facts or inconvenient conclusions.

He is most fortunate that there is only one character in his play and as long as he is pleased the rest of the world matters not.

The freedoms of Donald Trump are endless. Free to lie, to cheat, to steal. Free to denigrate, to castigate, to ruin lives. Free to act wholly unconstrained from the dictates of his station. Free to be the worst of himself at all times.

Donald Trump is indeed a very lucky man. Which makes America a very unlucky place in which to reside at the moment.


Nat Donson said...

What a lonely man!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Another one to pass on.

So tragic for us to have a “leader” like him at this time.

Actually at any time.


Anonymous said...

Complete agreemenT !


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately our luck is inversely proportional to his luck