Monday, May 25, 2020

Joe Biden Is Irrelevant

("Joe Biden Places Wreath at Veteran's Memorial in Delaware")

Joe Biden is irrelevant.

This election will pit Trump vs Trump. Donald Trump, depending on your point of view is either:
a) The answer to "What's Wrong with America?"
b)  The answer to what's wrong with America!!

For anyone who has resided in this country from January, 2017 until today and been able to take sustenance during that period, it is virtually impossible not to have drawn a firm conclusion about the pros and cons of this man who clearly appears to be a pro at being a con.

And so, yes we worry that Joe Biden may have a bit of foot in mouth disease, that sometimes it appears that his best days may be in the rearview mirror. But really, really does anything that Mr. Biden may speak or misspeak between now and November of this year make a hill of beans difference in whether or not you believe Donald Trump deserves his seat on the throne for another four years?

Will anyone be going into that voting booth (if Mr. Trump had his way that would be the only way) agonizing over Mr. Biden's record, or his Vice Presidential selection? Raise your hand if that will be your overriding concern. I only see two raised hands in all of America and honestly Mr. Trump, neither you nor Mitch McConnell should be able to participate in this poll.

Joe Biden, rest until November and save your strength. For if you are elected as our next President there will be an enormous task laid at your feet. After four years of Donald Trump the existential question you will have to answer is how to make America great again.


Anonymous said...

I second that emotion. Ridding America of Rumplitude is IT.


Anonymous said...



Robert said...

i always say- this is one of your best, but this time you NAILED it!

Jane B

Bruce said...

Donald Trump has become a 275 pound big tub of lard. Pelosi says it’s morbid obesity but it’s simply that he is a fat bastard. He’s also in the throes of dementia, acquired by being unable to mentally grasp the immensity of the responsibilities of his office. A pox on Trump and his entire house. May he be evicted from the Presidential Palace in November and retire in exile to Margo Largo.

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Anonymous said...

No matter how much rest Joe Biden might between now and November, our country will have to endure 50 years of recovery for all the terrible things King Trump has initiated.

Anonymous said...

I often imagine what a Zoom debate between Biden and the other guy would be like. Mostly, I fantasize about the moderators using their capacity to mute participants. Oh, the simple joy of finally silencing the blithering mouth of a professional con man!


Anonymous said...

From Finland

Joe Biden's job after the next election will be enormous