Friday, May 29, 2020

My Clothes

I wonder if my clothes are lonely. Or scared.

I left my apartment the third week of March and have resided over 100 miles away ever since. I did not leave a note for my clothes saying I was uncertain when I would be returning. I did not give them reassurance that they would not be forgotten in my absence. I did not remind them how important they are to me.

Actually I am mostly talking about the clothes I wear in warmer weather. I did not consider in my hasty exit that I would remain away from my clothes for such a long time. Thus, my shorts and tee shirts were not even in my contemplation as I bid what I thought would be a relatively brief adieu.

But now that the temperatures have finally climbed, those clothes must be wondering what happened. Did I get sick? Did I have another closet filled with other clothes that they knew nothing about? Had I been in a fight with my wife and just moved away? I wonder if they are worried about me.

Or maybe they are happy for the break. I tend to wear clothes far past what should be their expiration. Much of what now sits idle in my closet has been called to duty for many more years than it could ever have imagined. Maybe these clothes welcome my absence, finding me more of a burden than a benefit in their lives.

My mother in law lives in the same building that I left. I am considering asking her to go visit my clothes. That she gently explain to them what is happening. That she assure them they have not been cast aside. That she let them know that I will be back as soon as I can.

I may even ask her to put together a care package from my closet and ship the same, while I wait in breathless anticipation. But maybe that is not such a good idea. Maybe it is best to let my clothes rest a little longer. Maybe they will be nervous if a stranger gathers them up and boxes them. Maybe this will cause them fear and uncertainty.

Better to let them be. Hopefully I will be able to return in time to wear some of my lighter clothes before the chill of fall is in the air. And that it will be a reunion filled with hugs and joy, with stories of unexpected absences, with grateful smiles, with unbridled enthusiasm for old friends once more together.

Until then I will just say a little prayer for my clothes, wishing them continued good health, peace and contentment. You have not been abandoned. You are forever in my thoughts.

To my black tee shirt: you have always been my favorite.

To my khaki shorts: I miss you a lot.

To all my pants: I have been trying to get in shape since I last saw you and I think next time we are together I may not have to suck in my stomach to put you on. I hope you will be proud of me.

I am coming back to you. I promise.


Anonymous said...

I spoke to your clothes. They are tired of just hanging around. The least you could of done is leave the tv on to Netflix.
Some cloths have threaten mass drowning 8n your washing machine, endless spin cycles. Of course, some of your cloths are well past their due date and would welcome closure via the garbage shute.

Anonymous said...

Now you have me seriously wondering whether my shoes back home are running around looking for my feet?!

Needed this “light write” - thanks!!


Anonymous said...

luved it!


Anonymous said...

Gave me a chuckle


Anonymous said...

LOL! The mother-in-law idea....never good. Reminiscent of my not yet mother-in-law finding my underwear while doing her daughter's laundry.--RE

Anonymous said...

We were just discussing how your shoes may be enjoying the break from contact with your toes


Anonymous said...


I just wore dress pants and shoes to a closing on Friday. First time worn since mid-March!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! I needed this laugh. So well written and true. An ode to our former lives. We shall return....even if a couple sizes bigger :)