Monday, June 22, 2020

Leather-Bottomed Shoes and a Red Silk Tie

Covid 19 did nothing to lessen the brilliant oratorical skills of our President as he spoke with an elegance and depth rarely exhibited in the long and storied history of the United States.

For close to two hours he explained to a nation aching to be healed the struggles we face and the herculean efforts he and his administration have taken to assure that the pain we have endured is lessened.

And, in a close to 15 minute gut wrenching tale of personal travail that must rank favorably with Lincoln's Gettysburg address, Donald Trump provided intimate detail of a harrowing physical journey, risking his own well being merely to elevate our collective psyche.

Standing at the top of a steel ramp that would have proved too great a challenge to navigate for mere mortals, our President, refused to exhibit any fear while staring directly into the face of grave danger. With leather-bottomed shoes, undoubtedly purchased second hand, acting as accelerator the prospect of Mr. Trump sustaining a mortal blow while descending were virtually assured. But, with grace and beauty, this man defied all expectations and moved with precision and unparalleled skill down to Mother Earth eagerly awaiting his arrival. And in a show of ultimate courage and bravado, he sprinted the final strides in true Olympian fashion.

As if this recitation was not sufficient to lift the spirit of a downtrodden country, Mr. Trump next informed a mesmerized overflow crowd of the tale of the great red silk tie. With flourish and panache he held a glass of water in one hand, in itself an amazing feat of strength. And, to demonstrate his manual dexterity and willingness to lay down his best silk tie in service to a grateful nation, he put the glass to his mouth and took a long sip. Unbelievably, not a drop spilled and the tie was saved from imminent extinction.

It was a moment that must rank favorably with the first footsteps on the moon for its capacity to raise our eyes and our spirits to the heavens.

We have suffered far too many losses in these past months, our lives upended, our expectations crushed, our footing uncertain, our dreams seeming to vanish in the blink of an eye. And we cried out for leadership that could sooth our battered souls.

Donald Trump, on that stage in Tulsa, speaking to 19,000 in attendance, with two million more clogging every street for 10 miles in all direction and every single household in America in rapt attention, brought the United States to its leather-bottomed feet and red silk tied us together, the traumas we have felt now but a distant, fading memory. Our nightmare officially over

The power of words, as expressed by a President unlike any other. And Donald Trump is assuredly that.


Anonymous said...

Thank God DT is so brave and strong and has lifted the nation to new highs….

What a disgusting human being.


Alex said...

And then, the dreamer woke up.

Anonymous said...

Wake up...wake up