Thursday, June 11, 2020

Move Over Alanis Morissette

("Trump Rally Attendees Cannot Sue if They Contract Covid-19 Campaign Says").

 Move over Alanis Morissette.

So Donald Trump, the man who treated Coronavirus like it was a nothingburger, who considered his own experts on this topic as personal chew toys, who practically deported any wimp wearing a mask around him, who gave the six foot rule the same amount of respect as the Colin Kaepernick kneel, who would have us believe that this disease is disappearing even as the needle is jumping up in over 20 states, that same Donald Trump is making everyone who attends his June 19 rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma take a blood oath that if they catch this non-existent virus while intertwined with thousands of other spit in your face screaming always Trumpers, if they should die as a direct consequence of being in close proximity to idiocy, well then Donald Trump was never in Tulsa and even if he was you never saw him and even if you saw him it was only for a moment and who could possibly get sick in a moment.

So Alanis Morissette, while "Isn't It Ironic" actually may not have contained any ironies, to comprehend the very essence of that word just show up in Tulsa next week at a rally intended to show America that it is safe to come out again, with the caveat that you must acknowledge as a prerequisite for attending that it is not safe to be there. 


Anonymous said...

It's pathetic not just because:
1. Your words are so true,
2. Trump supporters don't even see this as idiocy,
3. The media and the Democratic nominee should be having a field day with this, but so far have not.
(#3 is classified as super pathetic

Anonymous said...

Second wave starts now.