Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Clan Rally

The look is different, the hoods of the past discarded, now replaced by defiant full face exposure, the spelling changed, but the ideologies in virtual lock step.

The Klan is a white supremacist group whose virulence is directed at African Americans, Jews, immigrants and the LGBT community. 

And while the worst of those in attendance on this Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma would suggest that they bear no resemblance to that ugliness, that they are but loyal, God fearing Americans, their hatreds are in clear view for all the world to see.

Their masks are off this evening. This is, for the least among them, a White Lives Matter protest orchestrated by their Supreme leader, the one who foments their anger, their resentment, their immorality. This is their answer to life  interrupted by everything they despise.

This is the moment they can taste freedom, can feel the air come back into their lungs, the moment they say "I can breathe."

This is their version of the greatness of America.

 Nothing but a Clan rally.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Very powerful


Anonymous said...

pray for now violence-civil war in the making


Anonymous said...

Read “Rising Out of Hate.“. True story....


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

But were there really empty seats? That must be a trick