Friday, June 5, 2020

History Lessons

We have been here in so many different contexts so many times before. And to what result?

In the unending struggle to mandate change, no matter the emancipation proclamation, no matter the civil rights act, no matter the protests, no matter if the other cheek is no longer turned and a gloved fist is raised.

No matter if the burning inside is mirrored in the streets, no matter if the injustices long camouflaged appear on endless loop before our eyes. No matter if the blind are forced to see, the deaf compelled to hear, no matter if we shove reality in their mouths and they are made to taste the bitterness of centuries of disregard and disrespect.

Why, oh why, do we believe that today is different, that tomorrow will be different? Why is this the moment when enough is actually enough? Why, given all that has come before, can we possibly think that hatreds will disappear, that ugliness will be sublimated, that the cycle will be broken and minds will be forever altered?   

History informs us of lessons never learned, of distressing perpetual truths. 

I worry about the futility of the moment.


Anonymous said...

Easy to worry. Hard to be optimistic.

There have been charges brought against all four officers. It's not nothing. It sets precedent, perhaps. Brings his family as sense of justice, perhaps. Certainly nothing will change overnight. Racism will likely prevail in many ways. But gotta keep fighting the good flight.


Anonymous said...

Lots of anger
Lots of unemployed people
Lots of unoccupied college students
Too many months of house arrest
Lead to everyone in the streets

Looters were gang organized who did not have much action for 3 months needed an uptick in there revenue streams


Anonymous said...

This helped me: