Thursday, June 11, 2020

Tulsa, Oklahoma - June 20, 2020

Tulsa, Oklahoma - June 20, 2020

President Trump reignited his campaign for re-election tonight before a crowd of almost 19000 (or in Mr. Trump's words, more people then will turn out between now and election day to listen to Sleepy Joe).

It was a sea of foaming white, shoulder to shoulder, filled with pent up emotion, finally freed from forced isolation, ready to announce to the world that this not so silent minority was back and badder than ever.

Mr. Trump spoke in his Trumpian dialect of free association, rarely making use of the teleprompter that gives him the awkward cadence of a prisoner of war being paraded before a microphone to thank his captors for their hospitality. Tonight the president riffed and the assembled roared in collective delight.

No matter that the great pandemic of 2020 was still gathering steam. No matter that the images of the Black Lives Matter protests were fresh in our minds. Here in Tulsa there was a very different truth on stage. One in which the terrible consequences of the President's mistakes in the handling of both these crises was nowhere evident. Here, America was Great Again. Here this nation had turned back the ravages of Covid 19 because we were tired of it, tired of being inside, tired of being separated, tired of the fear of losing a job or a business, tired of the nonsense of the six foot rule. And definitely tired of those damn masks. Here, the protest rallies of recent weeks were but expression of the sentiments of those who had no understanding or appreciation for the incredible gifts this country had bestowed upon all those residing in its midst. 

There were no masks to be seen in this venue, probably not within several miles of here. It was a sign of weakness and it would not be tolerated, not by those gathered and certainly not by the President. In his fashion, he mocked Sleepy Joe for his mask wearing, mocked those who were afraid to believe in the strength of America.

This was God's country, and Mr. Trump spoke of those who challenged him for holding up the Bible that day in the nation's capital. Those people, he said, did not represent this country, did not understand this country. And then he pulled out a Bible once more and held it aloft to the frenzied screams of approval from the crowd.

After over 100 days of forced isolation, Donald Trump was once more in his element, soaking up the adoration. This was the air he needed to breathe. To feel alive. To feel his greatness appreciated.

More than an hour and a half after he started, the President concluded his remarks and left the stage, grinning his Joker's grin after an ovation that lasted nearly six minutes.

Tonight, once more, all was right in the world according to Trump.


Anonymous said...

May they all get covid19 and die a horrid death.


Anonymous said...

Agree with the sentiment re covid
Let them pay for their ignorance


Gail said...

If today was April Fool's Day I'd say you were clever. But since it isn't, I say this all sounds too scary and true...