Saturday, July 4, 2020

Get Off My Back (thank you "Hamilton" and the king)

You whine
To cover my face and that other's will just do the same
Go dine
Go eat any place but Chinese, for it's them you should blame 
Wear a mask?  
Not ever, not cool, no Covid is all in your mind
You are making me laugh
I'm clever you fool, and you are the one who is blind

Get off my back, let me be
By September we'll be Covid free
Get off my back, bend your knee
And remember you belong to me
Fever's rise, you may fall
By December the numbers will be small
And if that's not the case
I will stop the tests and all the deaths I'll just erase

Da, da, dada, da (etc)

Don't say just shut it down, oh that Fauci lies
And I will be the judge of who lives and dies
And math's my favorite subject
No you're my favorite subjects
And science is not a subject
I think I flunked that subject
But I'm clever, so clever, real clever, forever

Stop that cough, get out of bed
Oh this Covid is just in your head
Stop that wheeze, what I said
Don't pretend you are the walking dead
If you die I'll be sad
Cause it will make the figures all look bad
Wear a mask if you must
Just remember that its Donald you should trust

Da, dada, da (etc)


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Anonymous said...

Love this one. Our family has gone to see and hear “Hamilton” several times in local theaters. I will pass your new lyrics on to them.


Anonymous said...

Yes, another good one. Where do yo get the energy to respond so quickly and accurately to the madness?


Anonymous said...

Really good!--RE