Thursday, July 16, 2020

Oh The Thinks You Can Think (Updated)

You can think of a word
Or even a few
You can think what you did
Or what you can do

Oh the thinks you can think
If only you try
Think of those who now live
Mourn those who have died

And think of the power
That rests in your hands
Think not what you can't
But all that you can

You can do the right thing
You can do what you must
You can do what is good
You can do what is just

You can say its enough
You can say it is done
You can say shut it down
You can say enough fun

You can say this is hard
You can say this is rough
You can say we are strong
You can say we are tough

Oh the things you can think
Why not give it a try
We could all use some truth
We are tired of lies

So Fauci makes you grouchy
So grow a thicker skin
Just don't be so prickly
Just shut up and grin

And think of the numbers
Three million and counting
Think I must slow it down
Can't let it keep mounting

So think dammit think
Its not as hard as you make it
And if you can't think
At least try to fake it

So come on now Donald
We're dying for answers
Stop saying its a flu
When we know its a cancer

Oh the thinks you can think
If only you try
You can help us to live
Or you can just watch us die


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WOW!!! Outstanding! Love this. Please send this to the NY Times, and send a copy to Donald. --RE

Anonymous said...

You finally put on a mask
And let your hair turn to grey,
Oh if only you would
Try the good and decent way....

And if it stings you a bit
And it hurts your swollen pride,
Think the think of others for a change,
And a better world, far and wide.

Your numbers are falling,
Don’t you see, can’t you hear?
That more and more, every day
You wreak havoc, you breed fear.

Can’t you see how we’re crying
On the outside and in,
Desperate for a leader
Have you ever, ever looked within?