Sunday, August 9, 2020

Easy Riders

('If We Get It, We Chose to Be Here'. Despite Virus, Thousands Converge on Sturgis for Huge Rally)

Governor Noem is hoping South Dakota will steal, with slight modification, the state motto of New Hampshire. Her version: "Live free and die."

Courting Mr. Trump and eyeing a national future, Ms. Noem is more than willing to bring 250,000 maskless motorcyclists into her state to demonstrate that stupidity indeed has a conservative bias.

After hosting Mr. Trump's July 4th Mt. Rushmore egothon, the Governor has upped her game, as she embraces those who come armed with nothing more than bravado against a deadly disease that is clearly not impressed nor deterred. 

A nation mourns the loss of its sanity. 


Anonymous said...

To regain our sanity, the DNC must file a class-action suit against her on behalf of the state's Covid victims. Her resulting legal expenses, as well as the negative news cycle will be a lesson for all governors. --RE

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the results of such arrogance.