Friday, August 21, 2020

Joe Biden Has Friends

 Joe Biden has friends. 

He has legions of those he has touched along every step of his journey. Those who give willing testament to his inexhaustible capacity for caring. Those who make abundantly evident the worth of the man.

And if this election is to be about the content of one's character, and it damn well should be, who will step forward for Donald Trump? Who will inform us there is more to him than the cruelty he has so often thoughtlessly exhibited, the pain he has so easily dispensed, the disregard and disdain he has so clearly demonstrated for the trials and tribulations of those suffering under his watch? 

Where are his friends? 

The last four evenings have been a vibrant celebration of the values of, and the value of, Joe Biden. And of our nation's desperate need to rid itself of the plague that has descended upon it and taken malignant hold, not over the past half year, but since election night 2016.

Joe Biden has friends.


Anonymous said...

i hope he has enough of them lois

Anonymous said...

Good start. Let’s hope it continues through November…


Anonymous said...

Let's not celebrate yet. Trump's campaign team are a ruthless bunch.

Anonymous said...

It made us see the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.
And admirably said Robert!