Monday, August 24, 2020

Kellyanne Conway, Mother of the Year

 ("Kellyanne Conway to leave the White House at the end of the month, citing the need to focus on her family.")

Talk about burying the lead.

While you make reference, without name, to Conway's daughter and her tweets critical of her family, you neglected to mention that Claudia Conway has written of seeking to legally emancipate from parents who have ruined her life.

Not one mention in your piece of what must be the actual concern of the adminstration, of Donald Trump, that this three ring circus of George, Kellyanne and Claudia threatened to be a distraction and an embarrassment, that Conway would be a liability his campaign could not afford.

Please, no mother of the year kudos for Kellyanne. Her announcement about leaving to devote herself to the care of her clan, like virtually everything else she has stated since 2016, is  but "alternative facts."


Lawrence Solan said...

This is terrific. We knew nothing about all this family drama until we looked it up after reading your piece.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha!! Truth - just trying to stave off more embarrassment!


Anonymous said...

Ha, AOC should adopt Kellyanne's daughter! Love this.


Anonymous said...

Conway is a highly paid apologist, not worthy of anyone's attention. The DNC's failure to talk about real solid issues during the convention will hurt our chances to defeat Orange Man. Too much "Genuine Joe" adoration. The Republican convention, run by the people who brought us "The Apprentice", will show us fake issues.. In the absence of not knowing what the real issues are, the voting public will not realize that the real apprentice is the Donald. --RE

Anonymous said...

Good one.


Anonymous said...

Did not know about this. Thanks for the info. Everyone connected with Trump is sordid


Anonymous said...

I will be so happy not to see her demonic and robotic spewing on TV. Good riddance!