Monday, August 31, 2020

Message to the President - Shut Up and Stay Away

 ("Portland Death Inflames 2020 Debate")

Donald Trump spent the weekend, when he was not on one of his golf courses, tweeting out incendiary messages, in manic barrage. In another universe, one might consider this a psychotic break. But now it is just another day at the office. The Oval Office.

In a moment that crystallized our collective fury at the President's campaign of hate, the Mayor of Portland called out Mr. Trump for being the catalyst, an accelerant with his words that fueled emotional fires. It was a slap in the face put down of a Leader who does not lead. You and your message are not welcome here. 

And it drove Mr. Trump into an absolute frenzy.

This nation is burning, both literally and figuratively and Donald Trump is unwilling and unable to do anything to control either. As our storms rage, our advise to this destructive force of a man is simple.

Shut up and stay away.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100 percent. Lois

Anonymous said...

If only he would JP

Anonymous said...

He has recently stated that the violence is indicative of what it will be like with a Biden presidency. Someone should clue him that it is happening now during his presidency. --RE

Anonymous said...

It is just so sad what he has done…