Friday, August 14, 2020

Mr. Brooks, This Is Where I Stand. Even In Diapers - (A Guest Post by CL)

 ("This Is Where I Stand")

I turn 23 today. Ok, 23 months but that is mere technicality.

This is my official request for David Brooks to stop the nonsense. "Conservative Radicalism". Historical perspective. Moving left here, right there. It is enough to make my young brain ache.

Is he incapable of making a simple declaratory statement? Maybe something like this: "Our democracy is in danger. All hands on deck."

I have only known one President in my lifetime but even I know a fascist when I see one.

There are not two sides to every issue Mr. Brooks. Some things are just plain wrong.

I have to end this letter now because I am going for my nap. But when I wake up I would like to read an Op Ed from Mr. Brooks that does not make him seem like both the smartest and dumbest person in the room. Call it an early second birthday present.

Mr. Brooks, this is where I stand. Even in diapers.



Anonymous said...

C.L. is very smart. Third smartest little kid.


Anonymous said...

Smart kid. Hope you had a nice nap.


Anonymous said...

C.L. is really smart. Must take after her grandfather.


Anonymous said...

CL, you have wisdom beyond your years--RE