Monday, August 17, 2020

Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

 ("Pelosi to Recall House for Postal Service Vote")

This is a President who appoints people with a mission to cannibalize their own institutions. Scott Pruitt and his EPA deregulation, damaging the air we breathe and doing nothing to alleviate global warming. Betsy DeVos, with her support of vouchers and cuts to federal funding gutting the public education system. Bill Barr turning the office of Attorney General into a supporting role as Roy Cohn-like defender of Mr. Trump. And now Mr. DeJoy, intending to make the postal service and the 14th Amendment disappear like a magic trick.

All of them not as protectors of the greater good but mere lackeys carrying out a plan for the approval of an audience of one.

DeVos. DeJoy. DeRegulate. DeStroy.


Anonymous said...

I worry that not enough people know and see the evil this President has caused.
I don't know where the altruism has gone.
Where did the stupidity of his supporters come from?--RE

Anonymous said...

Perfect! And sadly true. Passing this on to friends and family.


Anonymous said...