Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Why I Won't Watch the Republican National Convention

He has destroyed our position in the world, disregarding long standing alliances around the globe. 

He has found comfort and curried favor with leaders who subject those under their control to the worst of abuses.

He has made our nation one that is now more pitied than admired, less trusted than scorned. Our promise, our vow, no longer of meaning.

He has been dismissive of a disease that has spread like wildfire throughout this nation and has failed to provide the leadership needed in a crucial moment.

He has made a mockery of our constitutional safeguards and has treated all branches of government as subservient to him, owing fealty to him.

He has shown no interest in morality or ethics.

He has shown no interest in truth. 

He has shown no interest in the suffering of others.

He has avoided prosecution for myriad wrongdoing not by reason of his innocence but mere protections of his station.

He has fought against the environment.

He has fought against the elevation of education.

He has fought against voting rights for those who do not find favor with him.

He has discarded proven science and promoted alternatives that have endangered our safety, health and well being.

He is racist, xenophobic, misogynistic.

He is cruel, petty, mocking, vindictive.

He is lazy, anti-intellectual.

He does not read. He does not listen.

He surrounds himself with unqualified sycophants and lackeys.

He cannot express empathy or compassion for others because he has none. He is a narcissist. 

He finds enemies at every turn. He would silence his critics and reduce the media to a tool for propaganda.

He has blurred the lines between public office and personal desires beyond recognition.

He has instilled fear that our very notion of democracy is in jeopardy. 

He has amplified the matters that divide us and acted as an accelerant for hatreds and insecurities. He brings out the worst in those who believe in him.

He is as unqualified and unsuited for the tasks before him as anyone has been in the nearly 250 year history of America. He is a little man in a very big job.

He has watched over the devastation of our economy and the loss of over 175,000 lives and his best response is "It is what it is".

You are right Mr. President, "It is what it is."

This is why I refuse to watch the fantasy, the "alternative facts"  that is the Republican  National Convention.


Anonymous said...

And he cheats at golf


Anonymous said...

Incredibly good. I am hoping you sent this to the NY Times.--RE

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Anonymous said...

Well said. Hope the dems utilize those themes.


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and he disdains science, because he knows better, his gut is infallible!

Anonymous said...

You ought to watch - it helps with weight control - it makes you throw up. R

Anonymous said...

Perfect. I am often amazed how one man, even in the most powerful position in the world, can have such a devastating impact on a country.


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