Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Imminent Cure

 ("Trump Again Scorns Science on Vaccine and Masks")

Are there any of his own experts not confused, mistaken, plotting to undermine and overthrow? Is the Coronavirus nothing but a Chinese hoax perpetrated upon us, amplified by the distortions of his own task force and the CDC? Are Fauci, Birx and Redfield but secret agents of the enemy?

We have lived through the winter of our discontent, the spring of our disconnect, the summer of our dismay. Now fall stands nigh. And still Mr. Trump persists in his war not against the virus but those on his team with the audacity to question the truths only he finds self evident.

We are well advised to remove our masks and any semblance of intelligent thought when we arrive in Mr. Trump's orbit. For our safety, there should be an "enter at your own risk" warning attached to every one of his dangerous  pronouncements.

We survive despite, not because of, Donald Trump. However, I do agree with his contention that we are on the precipice of a cure to this most persistent disease. 

It lays not in a vaccine but at the ballot box.


Anonymous said...

Right on..let’s just hope that when he loses at the ballot box, he will relinquish his office.
I’m concerned that as he keeps saying that he had the largest turnout for his inauguration, he will claim that he won,

Gail said...

Love the kicker! So clever....and so true.

Anonymous said...

His followers admire this "Imperial Presidency".
I hope we don't look back on this time as the rise of the Brown Shirts in the 1930's and the fall into fascism.