Sunday, September 6, 2020

By the Numbers

 ("How Many Lives Would a More Normal President Have Saved?")

We don't need another apologist for Mr. Trump's actions during the Coronavirus epidemic.

He has through inattention,  ignorance, incompetence, neglect, negligence, through jealousies, hatreds, petty grievances, through televised preening, maskless appearances and a White House acceptance speech featuring in your face, shoulder to shoulder disregard, made this a disaster of massive proportion.

He has wholly revealed that in an hour of crisis he is unready, unsteady, underwhelming and overwhelmed. He has taken our exceptionalism, our advantages, our knowledge and dissipated them all in a demonstration of exactly how not to respond. His contempt for Democrats, for scientists, for the suffering of others who get in the way of the narrative he has created out of thin air are as palpable as the numbers that attack our senses and our hearts every waking moment, and haunt our every sleep.

Mr. Douthat, you can try to make the numbers dance on the page, try to contort them into a space where Mr. Trump seems somehow almost worthy of a passing grade. But we know better. 

We have been witness. We have watched. We have read. We have heard. We know the measure of this man. And he measures up not even to the lowest of our expectations for one in the Oval Office. 

Donald Trump has failed us in every conceivable manner.. His myriad shortcomings exacerbating and accelerating, turning bad into horrific, a case study in misfeasance, malfeasance and malpractice.

No matter, Mr. Douthat, how you try to rationalize, it doesn't get worse than Donald Trump.


Anonymous said...

Got that right. Douthat is a bought-and-paid-for rank apologist and traitor.


Anonymous said...

“Mediocre” is like my high school and college Grade Point Averages, or how an overcooked hamburger might taste. “Catastrophic” is certainly the word I would use to describe Trump’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic here in America. Trump’s , its only one person coming in from China”, and “one day it will just disappear”, idiotic statements have caused the deaths of almost 200,000 innocent Americans, and according to sources the White House has relied on in the past, we could surpass 400,000 deaths by the end of 2020. The denials and “miracle” wishing have led to more and more infections and deaths, and now, Trump’s mad rush for a vaccine before the election is a threat to anyone who would dare take his word or that of his F.D.A., that a vaccine developed without absolutely necessary stage three clinical trials would be safe. Trump’s failure to take the pandemic seriously has created an economic meltdown which we may never fully recover from, as individuals have fallen into bankruptcy and poverty, and many small businesses that haven’t already been closed are hanging by the slimmest of threads. When the history of the Trump presidency is written, “it will be synonymous with, “catastrophic”, not “mediocre.”