Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Don't Tell Me of the Reluctant Trump Voter

 ("Unwitting Progressives for Trump")

Please don't tell me of your friends who will reluctantly vote for Mr. Trump.

Don't tell me they can't distinguish between sympathy for a people long abused and distaste for methods that do not further their cause.

Don't tell me they seriously consider Joe Biden to be in favor of the destruction that has erupted in the worst moments.

Don't tell me they can't see Donald Trump's fingerprints all over the escalation of tensions, his amorality at the center of these confrontations.

Don't make us out to be fools. Your friends will vote for Mr. Trump using these events as cover.

Don't perpetuate the lies people tell themselves and may tell you for why they are casting their ballot, their lot, with the likes of Donald Trump.

It has absolutely NOTHING  to do with "progressives." NOTHING.


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Well said


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