Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Is Lindsey Graham Right?

 ("You Would Do the Same": Graham Is Defiant on Supreme Court Reversal)

 Is Mr. Graham right?

Would I do whatever I could to deny yet another seat on the court to a "conservative" voice?

With a lifetime appointment, these nine hold permanent sway over the destiny of our nation. And with the imminent prospect of a full two thirds entrenched, probably for decades, on their side of the ledger,  Republicans would undoubtedly sorely regret allowing their past pronouncements to hamstring their present actions.

The 52 other Republican Senators are all as guilty as charged as Mr. Graham. All equally convicted of choosing party over country, of abdicating their responsibility to protect and preserve our most fundamental constitutional mandates, all abandoning truth and honor as necessary predicates for their undertakings.

But if the shoe were on my foot, if a lie detector were attached to me and my answers were monitored,  would it not reveal that I would kick the Republicans when they were down? Politics, as Mr. Trump has so clearly and viciously explained to us in word and deed, is about nothing other than winning. Do as I do, not as I say, his motto, that of Mr. Graham, and indeed that of the feckless 53. 

We have reached a nadir in our political arena. Where those like Lindsey Graham can spit in our face with impunity and declare themselves pure of heart, undeterred by our slings and arrows, nor by their own prior sworn pledges, not in the least restrained by their unambiguous understanding of the blatant hypocrisy in their actions.

But, given the opportunity to do unto others, I wonder if my worst self too stands at the ready to be unleashed. Retribution my guiding force.. 

I am fearful the bottom may still have a ways to go.


Anonymous said...

hope he doesn't get his way. but i'm afraid he will lois

Anonymous said...

Nicely said and true- democrats are no better just looking for an opportunity to impose their will as well under their administration. Someday it would be nice if one of the political parties actually first thought about the country as opposed to party.


Unknown said...

"We have reached a nadir" though I fear not *the* nadir. Sigh.

And, on this National Voter Registration Day, I would like to take a moment to remind everyone to know your voting plan and confirm it.