Saturday, September 19, 2020

On the Death of RBG

 It was as if the notion of democracy itself was gravely imperilled by the passing of the Notorious RBG. We collectively tried to will her survival until we could wrest control of our nation from the slime of Mr. Trump and Mr. McConnell. If she could just keep breathing and keep her seat on the bench until January of 2021, then we would find the resolve to continue the fight to preserve our very soul.

For those who challenge Mr. McConnell, Ms.Collins, Ms. Murkowski, Mr. Graham with their own past words, save your breath. For those who would ask that the death bed fervent wish of Ruth Bader Ginsburg be honored, stop fooling yourself.

This is the distraction the President needed from the plagues that overwhelm us, the floods, the fires, the virus that is destroying us, from four years of his systemic poison. The death of RBG breathed life into Donald Trump's candidacy. The war cry of his party for the next 45 days will undoubtedly be that this is the reason 45 must remain in office. Forget all else, forgive his trespasses, control the Supreme Court. Don't allow socialism to get a foot in the door. 

We mourn the passing of a little giant who changed the course of this nation through her intelligence, her determination, her lifelong pursuit of causes vital to our forming a more perfect union. And we are even more deeply saddened by the fear that, with her death, she may have put in jeopardy so much of what she accomplished. 


Anonymous said...

Her passing is definitely a blow to democracy


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you have a point


Anonymous said...

We’ve never cried over the loss of a political/cultural icon. We did yesterday. It is compounded by fear. Thank you for everything.


Anonymous said...

So well said, and so sadly true.--RE

Anonymous said...

Get ready to pack the court in January.