Sunday, September 20, 2020

On Turning Two

Having now celebrated my second birthday in style, well Covid style, I am fully prepared to take on whatever challenges are laid at my feet.

My teacher has requested that I give my class a lecture on the legacy of RBG and this nation's peril should Trump not be soundly thrashed on November 3. However, as the introduction of politics into a pre-school program is likely inappropriate, I have suggested that the topic be  changed to "the perils of not being able to have your lovey with you at all times."

I have been giving some thought to using the potty on occasion. In fact, I managed to do #1 on a potty just recently. But since I am not absolutely certain what #1 is, I am not sure I will be able to repeat this on command.

This year I might be asked to shorten, or even do away with, my afternoon nap. That is a concept that just seems contrary to the laws of nature. I mean who could possibly go from the moment you wake up to the time you close your eyes at night without at least a couple hours siesta. I may be forced to relocate to a more enlightened country where everyone takes a mid-day break and just chills.

What do I hope life will be like in my third year? I hope I make a BFF. I hope I climb the climbing wall all by myself. I hope I am fluent in four languages by my next birthday, one of them definitely being either French, Spanish, German or Chinese. I hope my teacher continues to be as much fun as she is now. I hope mommy and daddy give me as many hugs as is humanly possible. I hope the world calms down and the fires and floods and virus that have this country in their grip recede. I hope I can decide what flavor of ice cream is the best. I hope my uncle watches Bluey with me every time we get together, especially the bicycle episode.

I know life is what happens when you least expect it and I hope I am ready for it's surprises. Maybe I will even learn how to ride a bike or swim in the ocean before I turn three. But as long as I am loved by all those who mean so much to me, I know everything will be ok.

That is, as long as Trump is not reelected.



Anonymous said...

Such a big and wise thinker you are dear and precious, little girl!! Your hope is my hope for you and for us all!


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Anonymous said...

Dear C 🎂
I’m emailing you on your grandparents address because I don’t have your personal email address with me here in pandemic quarantine in Connecticut.
It’s great to be two. I’m sure that you have increased your confidence and vocabulary as I have. I’m looking forward to having a play date with you soon. Perhaps you could join me in reading the Odyssey , in Latin of course, I n a virtual book club play date. Won’t that be fun!
Attached is a video of a song that I wrote and performed especially for your birthday.

Love and happy birthday,

A and all the B's

Anonymous said...

Happy almost birthday, C. Keep up your excellent thinking and writing skills.


Anonymous said...

Love it !