Thursday, September 24, 2020

PTSD - PRE-Traumatic Stress Disorder

 It is a disease spread across this nation tormenting Democrats from sea to suffering sea. The symptoms are constant fear that:

 1. Donald Trump will spend the debates being Donald Trump while Joe Biden will only be, OMG, Joe Biden.

 2. Bill Barr will pull a James Comey on steroids in our most critical hour. 

 3. The Russians will be called for a two minute minor penalty for interference while committing a hundred major misconduct infractions. 

 4. Every Republican vote will be counted twice and every Democratic vote will disappear in the Bermuda Triangle. 

 5. The polls will open for one hour in every blue state and there will be armies of "good people" with guns standing watch. 

 6. The Coronavirus vaccine will be approved and given to 30 million Americans on November 2nd. 

 7. The Supreme Court, with the ninth Justice firmly in her seat, will rule on November 2nd that the election goes to Trump by technical knockout. 

 8. Mitch McConnell will announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for 2024 on November 4, 2020. Trump says Mitch is the right man for the job.Trump announces he will take on the position of co-President in 2024.

 9. Everything that Trump has said or done that is heinous, repulsive, destructive or reprehensible, ie everything he has said and done, will be wiped from the history books. 

 10. Fascism will become the newest in thing.

 11. Democrats will just give up.

 Don't tell me you haven't had some or all of these thoughts. We have seen 2016 and it is us. This is a glass less than half full moment. We don't believe the polls, we don't believe the sun will rise in the morning, we don't believe in miracles, we don't even believe in Santa. We don't believe in anything as much as our impending doom. 

 We live in dread the world will end on November 3, 2020.


Anonymous said...

On a recent Frontline documentary, it was shown how Fred Trump created this monster.
He wanted his sons to earn the moniker "Killer". It has come to pass. My fear is that we will never learn quickly enough about our leaders to do something about it. We don't dwell enough on the real beliefs of the candidates. It's like trying to buy a new car without a window sticker.--RE

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid about #10 - Lois

Anonymous said...

The blue states should leave the USA and become another country. Name to be determined later.

Anonymous said...

A depressing post.


Anonymous said...

A book you should read called “Post Truth.” By Lee Mcintyre. Short book. Discusses the impossibility of knowing truth and how that happened. By an academic philosopher.


Anonymous said...

You nailed it!!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant and scary!

We are Ruthless now. Act accordingly!