Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Secret Trump Voter

 ("Meet a Secret Trump Voter")

There are 330 million people in this country and approximately 150 million who will cast ballots this November. Congratulations to Mr. Stephens on finding one person who will vote contrary to our expectations.

What a waste of space in your newspaper. You would have been better served devoting a column to favorite recipes of the candidates or the weather forecast for November 3 in all 50 states. Or even better, left the column completely empty.

I recognize that your paper feels an obligation not to put it's finger too heavily on one side of the scale. But this is no time to present either- or's. There are not two sides to this tale.

To give the imprimatur of reasonableness to this piece does a large disservice to this nation.

Yes, Mr. Stephens, not every lesbian, black or even Muslim will vote for Mr. Biden. This is not a revelation, but the law of averages.

The Times can do better than this. Much better.


Anonymous said...

Your response is so correct. It is appalling that the Times has moved forward to print Stephen's piece. Stephens has revealed that he has no deep knowledge of facts, or if he does, is intentionally relying on superficial innuendo. He may very well be a Republican hack. The Times has allowed inflammatory crap to fuel further ignorance of the issues.
It is not fit to print.


Anonymous said...

I have never been a fan of Bret Stephens or for that matter David Brooks. They both are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Better stay with the folks on the Lincoln Project.


Robert said...