Saturday, September 12, 2020

Mr. Trump's Acts of Destruction

 ("What I Learned From a List of Trump Accomplishments)

You ask for a list of what Mr. Trump has destroyed, or attempted to, in the past four years:

1. Our standing in the world
2. Our environment
3. Our constitutional safeguards
4. Our alliances
5. Our capacity to vote
6. Our moral authority to act as human rights watchdog.
7. The line between government and personal interests
8. The line between right and wrong
9. The notion of three co-equal branches of government
10.The difference between truth and fiction
11.The value of our promises
12.The U.S. postal service
13.The freedom of the press
14.The very notion of our exceptionalism
15.The office of the President.

With his singular lack of capacity he has overseen the loss of nearly 200,000 lives and counting and destroyed millions of families in the largest act of devastation this country may have ever seen in it's almost 250 years.

With his myopic view that what is good for Trump is his only barometer, he has orchestrated a near catastrophic failure of our economy and has refused to seek necessary financial safeguards to alleviate the suffering.

With his dog whistle calls for racism he has stoked the fires of division and hatred, elevated to places of prominence white nationalists and given rage a critical seat at the table.

With his incessant stream of conscience tweeting he has remade the universe in his image, filled with insult, with petty grievances and has turned the very thought of governing into a freak show.

You ask what Mr. Trump has destroyed in the past 4 years. The most fundamentally accurate response: Everything he has touched.


Bruce said...

Sadly, he will get at least 40% approval and votes in November. Many in America like him because he espouses white privilege, white supremecy and the arrogance of exercising power. So many books have been published by people who are or were close to him attesting to this. Your list is complete and explains the ineptitude and the deliberate lies to try to cover it up. Many of us are not fooled; Biden's candidacy is about evicting Trump and it should work. But until the final results are in, I will wonder what America has become. With the dissolving of the middle class and the rise of identity politics by so many, I am unsure if, going forward, with or without Trump, we can ever regain our soul. Yet, many Gen-Zs (born on and after 2000) have optimism and feel that they will make America a better place in the coming decades. I hope. And I pray.

Anonymous said...

This should be in every paper in the country


Anonymous said...

I printed this one for framing.--RE

Anonymous said...

You hit each and every point! Send it to the NYT – the world needs to see this.


Anonymous said...

Send it to the Times and Record.


Anonymous said...

You are so right


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Joel

Anonymous said...

(below is a forward to one who regularly reads my blog and sometimes passes it along)

Rob is amazing, is he published anywhere? I’ll share this.