Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Fly

 Trump has decided to replace Pence on the ticket with the fly. 

The fly now has to be tested for Coronavirus and quarantined for 14 days.

The fly is negotiating a book deal for it's life story.

The fly had the same number of comments that responded to the moderator's questions as did Pence.

The fly was checking to see if Pence was a human or a robot.

The fly appeared to be Republican, like Karen Pence entering the stage without a mask.

Or maybe the fly was really a Democrat, a bug planted on Pence to mess with his head.

One flew onto a cuckoo's nest.

Why didn't the fly get two uninterrupted minutes to answer?

I would rather have the fly elected President than Trump

The fly should be Time's person of the year for 2020 

Long live the fly


Anonymous said...

Love it!
I'm looking forward to the fly's debut on Saturday Night Live.
All one can say is the fly knows where to land.--RE

Anonymous said...

What is it that flies are most attracted to?