Wednesday, October 28, 2020


("Some Trump Supporters Might Be Relieved to See Him Lose")

Are we supposed to feel badly for the ambivalent Trump voter? The one who recognizes this man has more flaws than the 1962 Mets but still voted for him in 2016 and will likely do so again this year?

If 2016 was an error of judgment, what is this but a hundred times worse?

Don't tell me of those who would secretly hope for his demise but publicly provide him cover and don't even have the courage, the moral fibre, to cast their ballot where their head is.

It is those like the writer's friends who cause me the most unhappiness. For the ones who know better, I have no sympathy. For it is you who stand squarely between Mr. Trump and the unemployment line.

Don't lie to yourself and certainly don't lie to me. You are either with Mr. Trump with every single one of his warts or you are against him. There can be no in between. 

For your one foot in and one out is not the best of both worlds but the worst.

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