Friday, November 6, 2020


 253 to 214. Those numbers are etched in my brain.

I mean I love Nicole Wallace, Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow, but even they must be running out of things to say. And they really should have a camera on Steve Kornacki 24 hours a day. He deserves an Emmy or at least a new shirt and the promise of a month off after this.

If good things come to those who wait, there better be excellent treats at the end of this exercise in Chinese (are they behind this too) water torture. Can we possibly come up with a 21st century solution for tabulating our preference?  I mean we got men to the moon over a half century ago. Do we still have to count votes with our fingers and toes?

The only positive of this is that they just took Captain Queeg off the stage in a straitjacket. When they have to cut away from the President's statement because even he is not allowed to shout FIRE in a theater, then do we get a moment for the hint of a smile in the middle of this absurdist play?

Wait. They just counted 12 more votes in Nevada. Mr. Biden is now  two and a half votes behind in Georgia. And Pennsylvania promises results will be forthcoming by the time the sun comes up, or goes down. Or somewhere in between. Did Arizona just secede from the Union? What day is this?

Yogi was right. There is such a thing as deja vu all over again. Please, I am begging you, finish the count. Note to orange man: don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Anonymous said...

Torturous. Orange Man won't leave voluntarily. If Biden finally does win, I hope Republicans speak up and give him the hook. If not, it's going to be awful--RE

Anonymous said...

It may still be “too early to call” this election over and declare - with insurmountable joy, relief and gratitude -Biden/Harris our new team and, it may well mean you will have to continue to distract yourself with another 20 or so West Wing episodes so you can survive the stress, but it’s sure “beginning to look a lot like” Xmas (and Chanukah!)!!!!


Anonymous said...

These results are the polar opposite of what this country needs in order to begin the healing process

Trump has a much more narrow definition of the term “LEGAL Ballot” than everyone else. He only considers in-person voting and Absentee Ballot (requested mail-in) voting LEGAL. He does not consider ANY unsolicited Mail-In Ballot voting to be legal.

I think he has two main objectives

Discredit enough state results so that Biden does not have 270 electoral votes, and have the House of Representatives determine the outcome of the election
De-legitimatize the Biden presidency just as he spent four years trying to de-legitimatize the Obama presidency

I fear widespread civil unrest and violence in the coming months, which I think Trump will view as confirmation that his supporters still love him and believe that the “radical liberal” Democrats and the “corrupt” media stole the election from him


Anonymous said...

I hesitate to grin until it is official…