Tuesday, November 17, 2020


 ("How to Deal with People Who Ignore Covid Safety")

Lockdowns. Punitive measures. 

Why can't we change the language  used when speaking  of efforts to control the spread of the pandemic? The crime is not in enacting these measures but in failing to do so. The death penalty is in ignoring the reality of the disease not in addressing it.

If you think language doesn't matter, that framing is of little consequence then you have taken a Rip Van Winkle the past four years 

There is a time for brutal honesty and this is it. This country has received an F in its attempts to treat cancer with a bandaid. We all know that only with aggressive treatment can we even possibly hope to survive until the panacea, the vaccine, arrives to save the day 

We are not going to jail if we stay inside as winter, literally and figuratively, arrives. We are not being punished but protected by keeping our masks on, by staying out of restaurants, out of bars.

Don't frame this as a crime against humanity but rather as a safeguard for humanity. We are not packing you up and throwing away the key.

This is one time the bad guy is not the one wearing the mask. Rather it is the one without it.


Anonymous said...

Nailed it. The specific words matter. Marketing is real. Framing is everything.


Anonymous said...

Right on ....an easy fix so why is it relegated to be unAmerican to wear on?
To wear a mask is to protect others, not necessarily you.

Anonymous said...

Well said. However, the enemy is the vast conservative talk radio network, which spews out misinformation about this virus on a daily basis, without any accountability. --RE