Thursday, November 12, 2020

On My Mom and Dad

 They were born while the battle raged. And they were but babies when, on November 11, 1918, the four year siege, the war to end all wars, came to a merciful conclusion.

Later the world would survive another four years of Hell. A time when nation upon nation recoiled at the horrors of a leader who stoked the flames of prejudice and hatred, a time when they fought as one to survive the damage that he would inflict upon them. And then one day, he was gone. And it was over. And there was dancing in our streets. 

My mom and dad were married 75 years ago today. November 11,1945, the day President Truman called upon us to remember and honor those who stood fast against the unimaginable horrors they faced in both of these conflicts.

Now we have gone from those world wars to a country at war with itself. All the values my parents believed in, the values they passed on to me, that I tried to instill in my children, all have come under relentless attack for the past four years..

We again danced in the streets this past week, as yet another long existential crisis has waned. I know if my parents were still alive they too would have been in the midst of the celebration.

It is has been more than a century since we first beat back the forces that would seek to destroy us. And I would guess that Donald Trump does not represent the last challenge to our democracy.

I can only hope that the future is filled with those like my mom and dad, who led by example, who taught the lessons of humility and humanity we all need if we are to survive.

On this day when we remember our fallen, I also remember with everlasting love and gratitude my parents who began a life together three quarters of a century ago.

Thank you for everything you were. The world is a better place because you were in it.



Anonymous said...

The world was definitely a better place because of Dick and Dot.

Anonymous said...

Very special


Anonymous said...

Very poignant

Anonymous said...

Again you made me cry


Anonymous said...

So beautiful. Thank you for putting this into words.


Anonymous said...

Touching, dad. A beautiful tribute


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Clearly their memory is for a blessing through their kids and grandkids.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we have not seen the last of trump. With his followers, he will continue to sow discord, conflict, and dissension.


Marica Allar said...

Loved your so very special parents!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute.