Monday, November 30, 2020

The Competition



Anonymous said...

Great. and for the record, I root for you on this journey! Just because I dont read every word of the political pieces, doesn't mean I dont read everything else. And keep a tally of your publishings! LETS GET THAT 100!!


Anonymous said...

I, for one, perceive you “as good” and “as great” and “as a success.” I perceive you as a loving husband, father, grandfather, and friend. You have always invested your whole self in those relationships and made them paramount in your life - above and beyond all else.

.....Some people who have had heavy duty professional careers and success look back and only wish they had spent the quality and precious time you have with family.

Your love of sports has also stimulated and fed your literary side.

Your writing is a gift - a gift to all of us who read your pieces and posts religiously and continue to be moved, awed and inspired by them and who share your joy each and every time you’re in the Times!
Give yourself the gift of writing as long as the feelings and words fill your mind and heart.

I, for one, will read and value them for as long as my mind and heart work.



Anonymous said...

Your writings are yoga for my brain. You write with a rare level of clarity, empathy, integrity, humor and another hundred adjectives that don't come to mind. Like your family, we are grateful to be part of the journey!--RE

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's fake news that you are behind and you are really way in the lead.