Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Mind Games

 ("Pandemic Fatigue, Meet Pandemic Anger")

Everything is context.

Run down

1. A review of an occurrence
2. Catch up to
3. Injure or kill in an incident
4. A baseball player caught trying to advance a base
5. Not feeling very well

And so it is with our lives. Something may be susceptible to various meanings depending on one's view point

Wearing a mask

1. Hiding one's true feelings or beliefs
2. Hiding one's identity, as in robbing a bank
3. An act of self discipline, intended to protect you and others from harm
4. An act of repression, a mandate by someone wrongfully impeding one's right to self expression

Life is revealed in our perspective on all that comes before us. We can find beauty or ugliness in a raging thunderstorm, comfort or pain in another's expression of sympathy, fear or peace in the darkness of night.

As we try to survive this pandemic and deal with those who act in a manner inconsistent with what we know to be best practices, what can we possibly do to modify their behavior? 

Voicing our unfettered disgust is how we have addressed it until now. Is it the right approach, for after all these months, whose minds have we altered with our unrelenting condemnations? Is there no better method as we seek at least some recognition by them of the consequences of their undertaking and some corresponding changes? 


1. To meet in the middle 
2. To make something untenable
3. To put another in a difficult position
4. To be untrue to one's own values

It is all in how you look at it.


Anonymous said...

what r u drinking and smoking?


Anonymous said...

Points so well expressed and taken.
....As anger is often clinically described as the flip side of depression, can calm expressions of fear, sadness and pain somehow evoke thoughtfulness and change of behavior in (rational) others who do not share our own perspectives or politics?
“ We can change the world one thought at a time, one child at a time, one family at a time, one community at a time, one city, one state and one country at a time.”
Bryant McGill


Anonymous said...

Not sure I'm understanding.
Regarding wearing a mask, no meeting in the middle for me.
I'm unable to compromise if I'm dead.
Here's my compromise: Issue an expensive summons for not wearing a mask on the first offense, then revoke their health insurance as a second offense--RE

Anonymous said...

When it comes to tolerance for Republican political tactics, I can best describe myself as in dire need for an anger management course. I have become like John Belushi in the scene of the movie "Animal House", where he is trying to tolerate the gentle guitar player's melodic strumming, and succumbs to smashing the guitar.--RE