Thursday, December 10, 2020

Getting the Treatment They Don't Deserve, Not the Treatment They Do

 ("Covid Meds Are Scarce, But Not For Trump Cronies")

What I have a hard time accepting is why these people get the treatment they don't deserve, instead of  the treatment they do..

Donald, Rudy, Chris, glad you are all feeling well, having recovered from your non mask wearing introduction to reality. Only you have never treated Covid 19 with respect before your tete a tete and virtually none after. 

It sickens me that people have died because of your actions and yet you not only bear no responsibility for your misdeeds but, in your hour of need, you are treated as royalty.

Rudy, these past four years have been a constant search for the bottom. From your foreign forays in pursuit of dirt on Joe and Hunter, to your current job of court jester on the magical mystery tour looking under every rock for those dead people who cast millions of ballots, you have been Donald's main squeeze.

So, you understand why I think you might want to keep a little quiet about how you got the winning ticket to the cocktail hour at the hospital.

Rudy you have done this country a grave disservice. And I do mean grave.

 I would rather you had gone to the back of the line.


Anonymous said...

Let it out bob, get it out of your system. These people are vile. They are the party without any social conscience. No doubt about it. It’s scary that he got 60 million votes and lost, again.
The GOP wants those votes and will do anything to keep them, even if it means keeping the orange topped one,
Scary times for the U S A ..

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous.