Monday, December 14, 2020

Our Republican Saviors

 ("The Texas Lawsuit and the Age of Dreampolitik")

There is no line in the sand that keeps fantasy from spilling over to real world consequences. We live with a tidal wave of death because of Mr. Trump's insistence that our universe is full of hoaxes, that we mask up out of delusion not protection. And far too many politicians have failed to act as a rational counterpoint to stop the spread of lies and the disease.

As to undoing the present election results, we dodged a bullet this time not because there were Republican stalwarts who ultimately were champions of democracy but because Mr. Trump and his cronies were so amateurish in their efforts and their case was so absolutely without basis. 

Mr. Trump tipped his hand many months before his defeat, advising us well in advance that his loss could only mean there was massive fraud, not a mass statement of disgust with his job performance. So we were given the script before the event even transpired.

Once past November 3, the Rudy tooty show was replete with ludicrous cartoon characters acting as charlatans and court jesters in what they proclaimed were the Halls of Injustice. 

But next time maybe the outgoing President will be more nuanced and subtle in his argument. And maybe there will be real lawyers making the case before a majority of Justices all too eager to find reason to place a nail in the coffin of our democracy.

So, I would be more than a little hesitant to proclaim that Republicans saved the day and demonstrated that there is a bridge too far even for them. 

Donald Trump may soon be gone but the lesson he taught us about our fragile grip on democracy will not soon be forgotten by those who would have little hesitation about overseeing its undoing at their next opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Excellent point. Too few of us anticipate this "next time". It is the flaw of our democracy that lies are transmitted as easily as the truth.--RE

Anonymous said...

If you think about it as bad as trump is McConnell, and his republican sycophants are really much worse. trump is a sick man but these guys should be protecting our democracy
not trying to destroy it.