Friday, December 18, 2020

Thank You Mr. President

 Thank you Mr. President 

For providing indisputable evidence that Barack Obama in not an American.

For turning over your tax returns as soon as you were able.

For correcting our misperception about the size of your hands and your crowds.

For making us understand that everything Vladimir Putin says is gospel.

For choosing those who surround you based on their lifetime of service to the public welfare and honoring your pledge to give them independent judgment

For taking full responsibility for the ills that befell us on your watch

For elevating our language and discourse

For fiercely protesting Supreme Court nominations in the last hours of a presidential term.

For confirming that your conversation with the Ukrainian President was indeed perfect.

For your unfettered allegiance to the Constitution and the rule of law.

For showing us an unprecedented level of cooperation with the Congressional inquiry of your behavior.

For demonstrating every day what separation of powers means.

For championing science.

For  your intractable defense of truth over lie. 

For reminding us that a promise made is always a promise kept

For your diligent attention to detail.

For your setting a clear example to the world of what morality looks like.

For your unceasing efforts to assure health care as a basic human right for all.

For  proving that a bromance with autocrats and dictators has no negative ramifications

For mandating that every vote be protected and cherished.

For teaching each of us how we should act in the face of a deadly pandemic.

For treating every person you meet with dignity and respect.

For not taking every slight as a personal affront.

For making certain that you acted as honest broker between Democrats and Republican, helping bridge every divide.

For taking your election defeat with such grace and dignity.

For acting with decisiveness to protect our planet against the reality of global warming.

For building that Wall, long and beautiful, at Mexico's expense.

For opening your arms to those fleeing violence and death in other parts of the globe.

For committing this country to keeping strong its relationship with long time friends.

For not airing your grievances in public.

For showing us, in word and action, what it means to be an effective President.

For making certain that there was not even the slightest hint of impropriety or self dealing in regard to your personal holdings.

For being so personally generous with your many billions..

For not using the power of your office to protect friends and punish enemies.

For calling out bigotry and hatred whenever and wherever it appeared.

For demonstrating such empathy for those who suffered unspeakable tragedy and loss on your watch.

For not seeking credit or personal glory at every turn.

For treating each of your children with equal care and affection.

For making this country a beacon of light once more.

For all this, and so much more, you are owed our everlasting gratitude.

I don't know where we would be today without you.

And I can only imagine what we would have become if you had been given four more years to perform your magic.


Anonymous said...

Pretty short list


Unknown said...

JK, I agree :)

Anonymous said...

This says it all. Very well done!--RE

Anonymous said...

....For dividing our country and almost conquering our democracy

And Thank YOU, Robert, for helping to get me and others through these past four years with your many words of wisdom, worry and wit!