Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Twas the Night Before Christmas

 Twas the night before Christmas 

A time of darkness without end
When trouble was there waiting
In shadows round each bend

When everyone was distant 
And all just felt the fear
When everything was tarnished
And danger felt so near

When the stars that shone above us
Dimmed a bit each night
And each day's promise faded
Then disappeared from sight

St. Nick and all the reindeer
They knew the task this year
Was unlike all the others
They knew of all the tears

They knew that merely one night
Could not turn the wrong right
They knew that pain and heartache
Were itching for the fight

But love still had a special place
And goodness was not lost
No matter all our struggles
No matter this year's cost

So if Santa could bring solace
And a moment of good cheer
If we could hear that ho-ho-ho
That sound we hold so dear 

Then maybe we could shed the gloom
And bring about a smile
If not a change forever
Then maybe for a while 

So off he went into the night
With Rudolph in the lead
In search of those with heavy hearts
In search of those in need

And every house he came upon
He was armed with but one present
No matter if he met a king
Or came upon a peasant

I bring the gift of promise
I bring tomorrow's sun 
I know today's not easy
I know it's not been fun

But know that better days are near
The storm has almost passed
And I promise if you keep the faith
Your hopes will not be dashed

So all across the nations
On this Christmas Eve 
Santa spread the message
That if you just believe

Just know that come tomorrow 
It will be a better day
Hold on a little longer
This is all I pray

So on this strangest Christmas Eve
Of all that there had been
Santa brought a single gift
To bring some hope within

And maybe this was the best gift 
Santa had ever given
For what are all the toys worth
Without a world to live in

Whatever land that you reside
Don't give up the fight
And wherever Santa finds you
Find peace and a good night


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a dose of sweet hopefulness


Anonymous said...

Charles Dickens watch out!!!


Gail said...

Beautiful and uplifting!

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