Friday, December 4, 2020

Why NOT Prosecuting Trump Is a Very Bad Idea

 ("Why Prosecuting Trump Is a Very Bad Idea")

The arguments set forth in this op-ed for not pursuing Mr. Trump on a Federal level are likely accurate. Further, this piece does not even touch upon the real possibility of Mr. Trump attempting to insulate himself from responsibility by way of a presidential pardon (either given by him to him, or by President Pence to citizen Trump after his resignation between now and January 20th of next year).

But Donald Trump's actions in office were uniquely offensive, a once in almost 250 year slap in the face of democracy and the office of the presidency. And if his blatant and intentional abuses are not worthy of indictment, in multiple contexts, then we have effectively neutered our power to exert any control over the actions of a president.

Mr. Trump has been guilty of so many "crimes" over the past four years, the very worst being his brutal mishandling of our response to the Coronavirus, the countless thousands of lives that have thus been ended prematurely, the millions of lives irreparably damaged by his misguided hand. And the price he has paid for these misdeeds was an election day loss by at least six million votes.

But that rebuke is not adequate recompense. Our nation deserves our day in court to prosecute our claims. And whether we are ultimately successful is not the ultimate barometer, not the right metric. 

To allow Donald Trump to walk out the door of the White House unencumbered by the possibility of one day hereinafter having to answer for the wrongs he committed while in the Oval Office would be an insult to the fabric of our democracy. We owe it to future generations, we have a moral and ethical imperative to attempt to write the history of this moment with clear and complete accuracy. Anything less would be an abject abdication of our responsibility. Anything less would be a crime of our own commission.


Anonymous said...

I agree, we must try him in court , like any other citizen. Find him guilty? Sure, then what? Biden will pardon him, like Ford. For a mentally psychopath like he is, he will be vindicated to his base. Try him in State for his financial crimes, force him into bankruptcy. We will never recover from him and his high crimes. His base loves him. He got 60 million plus votes. He will be back. During These four years with him out of office will allow him to fortify and enlarge his hotel, et al , base so when he runs in 2024, he will more foreign backers.
The GOP needs him for his voters and they will not leave him.

Anonymous said...

While I am in agreement with crime of this magnitude must be followed with punishment, the ensuing drama will give his ignorant (yes, "deplorable") base more to cheer about. The source of the problem is the organized campaign of misinformation and lies put out into the media through radio and television stations controlled by the Republican party, who have also hired propaganda experts to create lies in the social media (facebook and twitter). This is the greatest threat to our country.--RE

Anonymous said...

But the equal truth is that, even if prosecution does not move forward, this will NOT stop the propaganda. The theory of "leave bad enough alone" just doesn't work for me