Wednesday, January 20, 2021


After spending the last four years in search of an exorcist, this nation now has turned its exhausted being, its bruised soul in the direction of one who fills us not so much with hope as he does a sense of calm. An antidote to the pulsing stomach ache that has seemed perpetually attached to our core.

We have been tethered to the psychiatrist's couch for so long, we have to remember what it felt like before it felt like this.Today we awake with the certain knowledge that come this afternoon all evidence of the stain upon the White House will have been removed, fumigated and disinfected. Tomorrow no longer but an illusion. For tomorrow is today.

I wish Mr. Biden well. I know the task before him is enormously hard as he must simultaneously attempt to heal us physically, emotionally and fiscally. It seems a job required  not of one man but many. The headwinds will be fierce, the path ahead strewn with landmines.The days to come testing the limits of our patience and his resolve. But, if we are lucky, and God knows we are entitled to a little good luck, we will begin ever slowly to regain our equilibrium.

For now, we are just grateful. Grateful that the moving truck has packed up the ego of Mr. Trump and is transporting it to his cave, to a place of perpetual darkness where he can do us less damage. Grateful that Mr. Rogers has moved into our Neighborhood, put on his sweater and his slippers and will soon settle in.

Grateful that the nightmare is over. And that we can finally open our eyes.


Anonymous said...

So funny you title your piece Grateful. We named our new ranch Grateful Ranch! What a wonderful day...


Anonymous said...

How I look forward to more hopeful and uplifting words from you over the coming days and months. The terrain is still rough as hell but I rely on the Biden team (and you!) to help restore sanity and to elevate our hearts and minds!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for today’s thoughts. As I watched the inaugural this morning, I couldn’t stop sobbing 😭 . This has been one Hell of an ordeal. Keep up your great work-it’s needed & appreciated

M & D

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for my country, and for the people taking on these challenges. I am also grateful to you for your words that seem to always come at just the right time. Thank you for making our journey bearable. I look forward to more of your words.--RE

Anonymous said...

what a good day for this wonderful country!
Robert, your sharp insight and sense of humor were great help over these difficult four years. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

As usual, beautifully written. What a wonderful day!