Saturday, January 30, 2021

Hiding in Plain Sight

 ("The Week The Trump Supporters Disappeared")

As Kevin McCarthy travels to Mar-a-Lago to kiss the hand of the Don, as Mitch McConnell dips a toe into the waters of retreat from Mr.Trump and finds an icy response, as 45 Republican Senators show weakness of constitution, reports of the disintegration of the Jonestown like control the 45th President, like the death of Mark Twain, are greatly exaggerated.

The Proud Boys still have pride.The Boogaloo Bois still need autocorrect. The fight did not leave them on January 6th. Their causes, their thinking that a show of force could topple 244 years of our  experiment in government, their influence over the course of action of the Republican party, none of that died inside the Capitol. Just understand that Marjorie Taylor Greene has a seat of importance in our midst.

Today they lick their wounds, some of those who led them into battle now lawyered up, some of their favorite sites, at least in this moment, playing hide and seek with them.

But when tomorrow dawns, when next week arrives, as certain as the rising of the sun, these forces will once more be seen and heard.

Donald Trump unleashed the furies. And though they may now be hiding, still they are in plain sight.


Anonymous said...

How I wish with my entire being that you were wrong.


Anonymous said...

It all remains unbelievable.


Anonymous said...

Another excellent piece. Passing it on. Thanks so much for sharing.