Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Mr. Trump's Very Bad Week

 ("Patriot's Belichick Declines Honor From Trump" "Trump Golf Club Loses 2022 P.G.A. Championship")

It has indeed been a very bad week for Donald Trump. First the PGA. And now Bill Belichick.

Nancy Pelosi and her crew can go to Hell. The media is worthless. Pence, Congress, even the entire Republican party, not worth a lick. But rejection by the PGA and an NFL legend. Now that hurts.

As the world burned, our President worked on his short game. Truly, Mr. Trump's connection to golf, to sports, is far more tethered than that to the American people, to leading our nation.

I would venture a guess that during 2020, Mr. Trump spent more hours worried about the condition of his courses than he did concerned as to the course of our condition.

Donald Trump was a wannabe NFL owner, never quite joining the club despite his effort through Herschel Walker and the USFL. And the 2022 PGA Championship was to be the first time a Trump layout hosted a Grand Slam event.

Donald Trump craves the spotlight, the biggest stages, the loudest crowds. It is the very air he breathes. And being turned away by Mr. Belichick, arguably the best coach in the game, as well as by the Tour, was, I know you may find this hard to fathom, possibly the low point in the last year for der Fuhrer.

For when Mr. Trump takes his hair and his derriere out of the White House in a bit more than a week, his list of playmates will have dwindled. And there is nothing worse for Donald Trump than having to play alone.


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bulls eye!


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Remember what Jeffrey did in jail?