Saturday, January 16, 2021

My Way

 And now the end is near 

As I sit among the ruins
And so I contemplate 
A winning loss not of my doin'
For when they added up
They counted wrong of that I'm certain
But now its come to this, the final curtain

Regrets, no none for me, 
Regrets are just for losers
Oh maybe I have one 
Michael Pence the goddamn Hoosier
For he with just one word
Could have saved my big assed bacon
He said he did love me but he was fakin'

They said I said some words
And that I caused an insurrection
But I just said the truth
That I had won the damn election
And so some raised a fuss
But it was not at my direction 
So no don't dare blame me for their

And soon I'll pack it up
Well I'll leave that chore to others
I'll leave with my head high
I served you well, like you're my brothers
And if I cheated some
That's just too bad so stop you're crying
For I just tell the truth and I'm not lying

I loved my time up here
Up on the stage without a wire 
But now they say I lost
And now it's just a funeral pyre
And I will say goodbye
And head down that lonesome highway
But just remember this I did it my way

So just remember this I did it my way


Librarianliz said...

Good one

Anonymous said...

Well said. 4 more days.


Anonymous said...

Love it!


Anonymous said...

And next up on the famous R.N’s top hit list:
“Start Spreading the News....!!!!”


Unknown said...

Thank God we will be rid of him. Such damage and destruction to our country.

Bob Labrie said...

Brilliant - as expected.

Eileen said...

You are a clever man RN