Friday, January 8, 2021

No Thanks

 ("The Trump Administration Officials Who Resigned Over the Capitol Violence")

Please do not give (New York) time(s) and (column) space to the words of those like Betsy DeVos. Those unqualified, unctuous sycophants who have done a continuing disservice to this nation. They should not leave behind Washington's burning wreckage with even a scintilla of honor. Not even a syllable of praise should accompany the manner of departure of those like her.
Has the phrase "too little too late" ever been more aptly applied than in response to her parting shot at Mr. President (and, after four years, can we now unequivocally state never has there been a more oxymoronic coupling than "President" and "Trump")? And even in slinking away, Ms. DeVos can't help but give a last boot licking or two to Der Fuhrer.

Randi Weingarten almost got it right in her two word pithy response to news of the resignation of Education Secretary DeVos (another oxymoron of a phrase). But we do not wish Betsy "good riddance." Merely "bad."

Our grave misfortune in saying goodbye to these rats jumping off a sinking ship is that we ever had to say hello. No thanks should go the way of the likes of DeVos, Chao and Mulvaney.

When asked to write of their resignations, do not be resigned to acceding. I would rather you merely utilize an intended double entendre. 

No thanks.