Sunday, January 31, 2021

Stop the Steal. Indeed

 ("Trump Raised $255.4 Million in 8 Weeks As He Sought to Overturn Election Result")

Stop the steal. Indeed.

Mr. Trump raised more than a quarter of a billion dollars from election day to insurrection day in defense of an indefensible idea. 

And whereto from here? As we learn that five lawyers for the accused have parted ways with a concept that sets the gold standard for ludicrous, there is every reason to suspect we have not heard the last of the Dominion plot, of a deep state so deep I doubt even Fox News could find it.

What has Mr. Trump done with all that money? And what will he do with the millions that may still be invested in the belief that this man could make this nation anything other than one of those shithole countries he so sweetly referenced in one of his Shakespearean like soliloquies?

At day's end, this charlatan will have stolen our good name, our morality, our nation's health and countless lives. He will have stolen the very essence of our democracy and nearly cannibalized us. And he will walk away found not guilty, for a second time, of charges that only scratch the surface of the damage he has done.

He will take his ego and the remaining donations unutilized for his nefarious schemes.  He will take a presidential pension together with all the other perks and the protections we afford those who exit our highest office. And he will contemplate whether he wants to put us all through this again in 2024.

All with our money. 

Stop the steal. Indeed.


Anonymous said...

Tragic beyond belief.


Anonymous said...

Our only hope is that with enough wrongs made right and with enough of the people getting what they so desperately need to survive and feel alive over the next two years, we can mobilize to defeat this evil again and ensure that democracy prevails.
I know I sound like Donna La Mancha....


Anonymous said...

Who says crime doesn't pay.