Monday, January 4, 2021

The 18 Minute Gap

There were 18 minutes of Mr. Trump's January 2 conversation with "Brad" and "Ryan" that were mysteriously deleted from what was released to the Washington Post and the New York Times. I have now received a tape of those critical moments. In it, Mr. Trump claims irrefutable proof of the following:

1. Area 51 is home to 11,780 illegal aliens who all voted for Mr. Biden in Georgia
2. The Watergate break in was a result of miscommunication regarding a plumbing problem
3. Barack Obama was born in Poughkeepsie
4. Hunter Biden is a secret agent working for Russia (which is kind of ok) 
5. Mr. Trump won an Emmy for The Apprentice, as 11,780 votes have now been located under the floor boards in the home of a Price Waterhouse accountant
6. The size of the inauguration crowd was deliberately miscalculated by an accountant at Price Waterhouse by 11,780,000.
7. February is 31 days long 
8. The moon is made of cheese
9. Mr. Trump's tax returns were audited and they are perfect
10. Potato is correctly spelled potatoe 
11. Mr. Trump did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss (fill in the blank)

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Anonymous said...

We’re getting such pleasure from your musings. They are so on point and insightful.

PB and GK